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Quantum Payroll

Provide your organisation with a Revenue approved solution that is flexible and comes with additional elements to easily cater for the complexities required of modern payroll systems.

About Quantum. Launched in 2002, Quantum Software is the foremost and highly respected supplier of Irish payroll solutions, to over 3,000 organisations of all sizes with its flagship, Quantum Payroll.


Irish Revenue Compliance for all requirements from payroll calculation and reporting, electronic communication with ROS for P45’s, P45 Part 3, P46’s, P30’s, P35’s and P2C’s, Full Financial Year and Tax Year payroll data.


Data Input:

The payroll concentrates on making the procedure to enter variable timesheet data both simple and fast, with options to enter single or batched timesheets. New Starters are also catered for with an exceptionally easy to use spreadsheet type employee entry screen. Data can also be easily uploaded to/from timesheets and employee files with MS Excel.

Data Export:

Throughout the system the user is provided with facilities to extract and export data to products such as MS Word and MS Excel. The ability to output reports in formats such as PDF and HTML allow you to securely send reports to your accountant via email or fax instantly.

Communication with Other systems:

Quantum Payroll has the ability to communicate with a range of HR, financial accounting (for job costing and general ledger) and Electronic Clock Card systems.


Quantum Payroll stores both programs and data indefinitely. This provides a data warehouse facility which allows the user to instantly recall and print any item of information for any employee within the system. Where the Report Writer is installed it is possible to generate ad hoc reports from a range of periods over cost years.

CSO Reporting:

Quantum Payroll produces all CSO (Central Statistics Office) reports; “These are the Quarterly Industrial Survey” along with the “EHECS” report and the “NES” report. In addition there are head count and gender reports by department and cost centre.

Unlimited numbers of employees, with 100 pay components and 100 voluntary deductions are easily managed within Quantum Payroll. If required the components or deductions are quickly defined giving the users the flexibililty to set up any variation of pay type – hourly pay, overtime, shift hours, extra time, salary and waged earnings. Complex Pension deductions, share schemes, AVC’s, Union and Medical contributions are easily accommodated.


A plentiful array of reports are available for components or deductions, on a ‘this period’, ‘month to date’, ‘tax year to date’ or ‘financial year to date’ basis. In addition, with the report writer, reports on any component of pay over any time frame can be created.


Express timesheet

Imports are available in spreadsheet format to permit simple data entry allowing departments, cost centre groups or the entire payroll to be quickly input.


Standard timesheet

Imports from Time & Attendance, Clocking card systems can be entered also, timesheets can be exported to Excel, amended and re-imported. When comparisons are essential, all historical period payslips may be viewed permitting correlations of all previous payslips.



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