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Talent Recruiter add more customers!

Talent Recruiter growth

Our partner, HR Manager, continues to expand with 800+ organisations now using Talent Recruiter, Talent Manager and Onboarding which has led to an increase in employees numbers at HR Manager.

Some recent additional customers in Ireland

  • Highfield Healthcare (Ireland)
  • Sports Surgery Clinic (Ireland)
  • Phonewatch (Sector Alarms)
  • Dublin Simon (ireland)
  • Mercury Engineering (Ireland)
Talent Recruiter’s mobile app for recruiters on the go!

Mobile Apps

With everything moving at a blink of an eye and more and more work being performed on mobile devices, Tablets & Smartphones, Recruiters will now be able to keep pace with Talent Recruiter’s mobile app. Recruiter’s can stay on top of their game with the App so as to ensure those candidates get in front of Hiring Managers, Clients as quickly as possible.

This is free addition to Talent Recruiter


  • List of list and active vacancies with a total numbers of candidates in each vacancy
  • View candidate’s progress at a tap on your screen
  • View documents, e.g. CVs, notes, references etc.
  • Forward candidate information to relevant managers/recruitment team members
  • Immeditely respond by phone/email to candidates
  • Rank the candidates, e.g. Excellent, Top Gun, Highly Recommended etc.
  • Leave Notes for other members of the recruitment team