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About us

Kala Technology

Established in 1996 to provide IT consultancy with over three decades of experience in Information Technology across several European countries and industries – Tobacco, Life Assurance, Payroll, Human Resources, Mobile Networks.

Kala Technology is the re-seller of HR Manager Talent Solutions and Quantum Payroll. Talent Recruiter, the online eRecuitment web based SaaS solution, is steadily growing as more and more customers recognise it’s benefits and excellent return of investment. HR Manager’s systems are installed in 900+ organisations and accessed in over 50 countries. Quantum Payroll, with it’s excellent growth is installed in over 3,000 organisations across Ireland.

Talent Recruiter’s very successful growth is now complimented by Talent Manager and OnBoarding. Like Talent Recruiter, Talent Manager is also an intuitive online SaaS solution providing benefits to the whole organisation. Talent OnBoarding to engage with employees from the time of hire, enhancing their productivity from the get-go to become valuable members of the organisation leading to excellent retention levels. We will work in close cooperation with your HR and Marketing departments to ensure that your employer branding is enhanced on your website career’s page.

Kala Technology will also discuss standalone systems to the benefit of your organisation.