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We are very pleased to have a solid working relationship with our customers.

Please read some of their comments below and if you would like more references do contact us.

Comfort Keepers Ireland

Comfort Keepers uses Talent Recruiter Talent Recruiter® has singularly evolved our recruitment process and flow within Comfort Keepers Ireland.

We looked at various options both within Ireland and Internationally and Talent Recruiter offered us the best long term solution to our business needs. There are not many software systems that can reengineer an organisational process, but Talent Recruiter's Unique Selling Point offered us a new foundation through, speed, efficiency and analytical outputs that facilitated this.

Kala Technology's hands on approach is also an added feature and their quality and support offerings are second to none.

In a fast paced ever changing Technological landscape Talent Recruiter offers a safe secure investment that not only matches this changing landscape but helps to shape it.

David McGoldrick, acting Managing Director.

Acquired Brain Injury Ireland

Acquired Brain Injury Ireland uses Talent Recruiter Over the past few years HR Manager's Talent Recruiter® has assisted us in the acquisition of some fine candidates for our people centred roles and we have an excellent database of stored candidates to access easily. The customer service is second to none and it is an accessible and easy system to use. We can link to our own website and external media with no issues. I would highly recommend the system.

Lorraine Maher Human Resources Acquired Brain Injury Ireland.

Maryborough House Hotel

Maryborough House Hotel uses HRMANTOOL After considerable research of Human Resource packages on the Irish market we can honestly say that we have found HRMANTOOL® to the best in terms of value for money and meeting our individual requirements. We required a user-friendly H.R. system which would easily capture all the necessary staff information with reports at the touch of a button, to assist us in developing a more professional and efficient H.R. Department.

From the initial start-up, the level of customer care has been exceptional. Additionally, the response time in dealing with any queries has been excellent. Even the most trivial queries are dealt with promptly and in an extremely professional manner.

Casey O'Gorman - Human Resource Manager

Engineers Ireland

Engineers Ireland uses Talent Recruiter Having researched several ATS systems we opted for HR Manager's eRecruitment Talent Recruiter as a means to manage all our candidates and assist us in building a Talent Pool as a source of qualified candidates for our customers, Paul Sheridan, Chartered Engineer, Employment Services Manager in Engineers Ireland says.

As the official voice for the engineering profession and with almost 24,000 members, Engineers Ireland Employment Services offers employers targeted access to engineering professionals and services to engineering organisations. The organisation also appreciated the system's user-friendliness.

We found Talent Recruiter easy to use, very manageable with excellent candidate search functionality and they are very willing to work with us to satisfy our requirements.

Paul Sheridan - Employment Services Manager.

Irish Hotel Federation

User friendly and affordable human resources systems can offer many benefits to hotels.
Kala Technology Ltd are providers of such human resource management systems (HRMANTOOL), which it has installed in several industries around the country including the hospitality sector. Some of the features its system offers are: employee details, holidays, absence, reviews, salary and employment history, disciplinary details, exit interviews, rostering, uniforms, staff houses and diary reminders.

Irish Hotel Federation

Most recently it now offers links to the IHF's Quality Employer Programme documents and also comes with several aspects of the QEP included in order to enhance each hotel's ability to conform to QEP.

The system is designed to be simple to use and open ended for future growth and allows multiple users with no limit on the number of employees. Irish Hotels Federation - Insight link