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Our partner HR Manager is proud to announce that strong growth also continued in 2015, with more than 100 new clients added.


As well as our flagship Talent Recruiter delivering a record high number of new clients, we also delivered several Talent Management solutions in all our main markets. Again in 2015 HR Manager has strengthen their position as the leading provider of HR solutions in the Nordic region. Amongst our new clients are well known companies and organisations like:

HR Manager Talent Solutions has now launched a mobile application for users of Talent Recruiter.


The application provides users with an overview of their projects and candidates, and allows them to work with the candidates directly from the hand held device.

Note! The application is provided as an extended feature to Talent Recruiter free of charge. The application is only available in English. Although the application can be used on tablets, it is primarily designed for mobiles handsets.


HR Manager's Talent Recruiter grows from strength to strength


HR Manager Talent Solutions enjoys much activity in the beginning of 2013. We are proud to welcome strong brands as our new customers: In Ireland - Comfort Keepers Home Care and in Norway - Wideroe, the largest regional airline in Scandinavia, Headvisor recruitment agency, Istad Group and Pocos Group, which includes Body Shop and Gyldendal Publishing Agency.

These companies follow hot on the heels of the DLG Group is one of the largest agricultural companies in Europe and is currently owned by 28,000 Danish farmers. DLG has a turnover of more than EUR 5 billion and has approximately 5,000 employees

Also the Gjensidige Group is a leading Nordic insurance group listed on the Oslo Stock Exchange. Gjensidige has about 3,100 employees and offer insurance products in Norway, Denmark, Sweden and the Baltic states.

Our friends at Kala Management Solutions offers straight talking HR management options


Kala Management Solutions offers straight talking HR management options for business owners, saving you time and money and giving peace of mind when it comes to your greatest asset – your people.

Some of our key services:

Our partner, HR Manager's eRecruitment and website gets a facelift


HR Manager Talent Solutions is undergoing a face lift process during 2011. The first batch of this face lift comes already in July 2011 in form of a new website and major upgrades in the release of Talent Recruiter. The face lift process will continue with minor adjustments during the remainder of 2011. The major face lift elements in July 2011 release of Talent Recruiter include: New Logo, New Facebook integration, New imporved Administration layout and many more excellent enhancements that make HR Manager's Talent Recruiter a preferred system of choice with over 400 companies across Europe and Ireland.

eRecruitment and Danish State Government


We are very proud to announce that on Friday 16 October 2009 the Danish Government signed a contract with our HR Manager partners in Denmark for delivery of HR Manager online eRecruitment for up to 180 state institutions and up to 600 self owned state institutions with a total of approximately 140.000 employees.

This contract comes after more than 2 years work with a total of 19 companies involved. In the final round HR Manager Denmark were up against IBM/SAP, Stepstone, Kommunedata (Largest Danish IT company). The contract is for a minimum of 5 years and is a multi-million euro deal.

We wish our partners well as eRecruitment marches on to become a system of choice amoung some of the leading companies across Europe.

New SMS portal from eRecruitment

It is now possible to create SMS templates and communicate with candidates via SMS from Kala Technology's online eRecruitment system.

The SMS templates can be used to send reminders of interviews and to invite users and candidates for ad hoc meetings. The Mobile Portal lets you publish advertisements to a format that suits mobile phone screens. The advertisement can contain a link to a form where the candidate can leave their contact information and signal interest. Candidates can also text for instance 'job 123' to a given phone number and in turn receive an application form to directly apply for a position advertised in printed media.

Good News for e-Recruitment

The survey of 403 Personnel Today readers state that 46% of respondents have reduced their recruitment budgets since last year and the proportion of agency use verses in-house recruitment has fallen from 40/60 last year to 25/75 this year.

48% have reduced their spend on Recruitment Agencies whilst E-Recruitment technology has seen the biggest budget increase with 22% of respondents increasing their budget and 32% keeping investment in this area.

Why are Employers Increasing their use of E-Recruitment?

Employers are embracing technology to help reduce costs and improve diversity of recruitment & promote their employer brand.

86% of respondants said that online recruitment is the most cost effective method and more than 90% feel that online recruitment is easy to use.

66% felt E-Recruitment it helps with the diversity of recruitment.

Respondents are increasing the budget on employer branding and 89% feel that having a strong employer brand is even more important in a downturn.

How are Employers using Web-based Technology?

Although 87% felt they would not adopt video in the online erecruitment mix, nearly half (48%) said they were likely to use online testing within the next 3 years.

31% felt that they would use social networking, audio and video tools within the next 2 years

All this is really positive stuff for the online recruitment industry and highlights how quickly employers are becoming savvy in web-based recruitment.

Although there will always be a place for good recruiters and head hunters, those who can add real value to their service, I have to disagree with Kevin Green (Chief Exec of the REC). By the time the market picks up, I do think that employers will have learnt the skills and they will have the internal resources to sift through the market place for the best candidates!

This can be further reiterated by the growth of organisations like ourselves, designed to educate and implement effective online recruitment strategies, it can only get better and more cost effective for the employers!

To Blog or not to Blog, that is the question!

Yes we will probably get around to adding a Blog to our website.

Why do you upgrade your MS office systems every time there is a new release?

Is it a bit like, oh I have to have that new model of car because my older model will depreciate quicker - so what.

What great new whizz features are you or your staff using in MS Office 2007 than they didn't have in MS Office 2000. I can bet that the majority of users don't even have the time to even learn about the new features !
What is in it for you, less money in your bank account as you fork out for new releases that you won't even need but have to have or else no support.

Enter Open Source and it's FREE
It's completely free, available for all main-stream operating systems and can be used for any purpose: personal, private or commercial. You can install the same copy on as many computers as you want and give away unlimited copies to your friends. It is the pinnacle of Open Source software - and absolutely worth a try for any business looking to cut costs. Download available at www.openoffice.org

So the next time your staff come looking for €10,000 (or more) to upgrade their version of MS Office, say, hey I remember reading an article on Open Source freeware and it does exactly what it says on the tin - FREE!

HR Managers need to get creative with Recruitment

This very interesting article appeared in Ireland's popular Sunday Business Post newspaper (2nd Nov 2008) and we have reproduced it here with the kind permission of the Sunday Business Post.

As the recession takes its toll on the Irish labour market, it can be easy to forget that even companies with ailing balance sheets need to recruit to replace key employees with business-critical roles.

However, with generous recruitment budgets a thing of the past, it is time for all employers, but particularly those who fall into the SME bracket, to get creative.... read more...

Northern Ireland Fair Employment Monitoring Return

Kala Technology announces the inlcusion in its Human Resource Management System - HRMANTOOL the requirement for the Northern Ireland Equality Commission of the Fair Employment Monitoring Return.

This will greatly enhance the ability of Human Resource departments to make accurate returns within a shorter time frame and allow a history of returns to be viewed at any time.

HRMANTOOL will be implemented into the first Northern Ireland property in the coming weeks.

Copenhagen Airport chooses eRecruitment

We are proud to welcome Copenhagen Airports A/S as a new customer in Denmark.

Copenhagen Airports A/S is the listed company that owns and operates the airports at Kastrup and Roskilde.

They are 1900 committed employees entrusted with everything from planning the airports´ future and the services they offer to the daily cleaning and maintenance of the airport.

Copenhagen Airports makes its infrastructure, buildings and service facilities available to the many companies that have business operations at the airport. Copenhagen Airports share a common goal: to ensure that their passengers have a pleasant stay at the airport.

Lars Ringdal, Partner HR Manager (Oslo)

Kala Technology and HR Manager enter partnership agreement

Kala Technology has recently partnered with HR Manager (Oslo), a supplier of eRecruitment web based recruitment software.

"Partnering with HR Manager allows us to supply a one-stop-shop HR and Personnel solution to our clients. eRecruitment is a welcome addition to the market, functionality and price are both key to the success we've enjoyed so far!" John Mooney, Managing Director of Kala Technology.

The recent IDC report (IDC is the premier global provider of market intelligence, advisory services, and events for the information technology, telecommunications, and consumer technology markets) suggests that erecruiting is growing and it is niche companies who are providing 'best of breed' products that are responsible for facilitating the 72% increase seen in this on demand market. As Online recruitment gathers more and more momentum the range of products is improving, eRecruitment is noted by it clients for boasting candidate screening and automated email responses as standard.

"HR Manager believe such attributes and their indirect approach to the market are some of the reasons that eRecruitment has been quickly adopted by various partners and has been implemented in some well profiled businesses after entering the UK and ROI market just six months ago" said Mark Hollingworth, Partner Manager for HR Manager.

Today more than 12,000 users in over 200 companies use eRecruitment daily to improve and assist their recruitment processes.