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We are very pleased to be able to offer you our user friendly and easy to use Human Resource, eRecruitment and Payroll solutions.

Kala Technology markets their Human Resource Management System - HRMANTOOL® and their Vehicle Fleet Management System - VFMS to SMEs.

Kala Technology are also resellers of the very successful Quantum Payroll and Talent Recruiter eRecruitment , the online Recruitment ATS Candidate Selection system from HR Manager (Oslo).

Kala Technology, renowned by its in-depth understanding of several industries and its knowledge of what systems people want to use, has, by its simplistic approach, built up a large customer base across several industries.

Clients include - Hotels, Security, Travel, Production, Electrical Contractors, Facility Management, Construction and Financial Institutions.

Mission Statement: - 'Actively Going Forward Together'.

By listening to our Customers and understanding their needs, our aim is to provide systems that are - User Friendly, Affordable and Workable.